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Mobile Broadband

Blue Mountain Internet Mobile Broadband – BMI Mobile Broadband Internet is a high speed Internet option that utilizes the nations cell tower networks. BMI has many hardware and service options for both business and home users.

  • Powered by Verizon
  • Fast Wireless Mobile Broadband Speeds (up 12Mb)
  • 3 times more data free (with our Windows optimizer software)
  • Month to Month contract options
  • Free technical support
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 3G plus 4G included with every plan – one device supports BOTH networks.
  • Contact BMI by phone at 800-485-5006.

Blue Mountain Internet Data Optimizer/Accelerator – BMI uses advanced client server software to deliver a truly amazing reduction in overall data usage while increasing page load times.

  • Reduced data use – You get more data than your plan, just like getting more miles per gallon of gas.
  • Speed up connection 3 to 10 times faster.
  • Up to 3 times more data for the same price
  • FREE – works with Windows systems

* Optimizer does not accelerate video or compressed files

BMI Mobile Broadband Coverage Information – BMI mobile broadband is powered by Verizon,  the nations largest and best 3G and 4G LTE provider. BMI Mobile Broadband Service location lookup.

Blue Mountain Internet Mobile Broadband Common Uses

  • RV’ing across the country or on a road trip
  • Attending a business conference
  • On vacation
  • Visiting multiple job sites
  • Outside sales
  • Supporting and managing outside projects
  • Insurance, healthcare, journalism, field service
Go wireless and get the BMI Mobile Broadband Advantage!

BMI Mobile Broadband Hardware 

Mobile Broadband HardwareBMI has mobile broadband hardware available for all our rental plans. We also sell devices for BMI bring your own device (BYOD) plans.

The hardware you need varies depending on the network and the service that you order.

All hardware is shipped directly from BMI to you.

Insurance is included for free with our premium mobile broadband rental plans. There is a $50 deductible. (Lost or stolen hardware is not included in the insurance). Insurance not available for BYOD devices.

How Blue Mountain Mobile Broadband Rental Works

BMI Mobile Broadband Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are rental devices?
    Rental allows a user to connect to wide-area wireless Internet access. The devices are also known as Evdo cards, data cards, 3G and 4G cards, and mobile broadband cards.
  2. What are BYOD Devices? BYOD are Bring Your Own Device plans. These are plans in which you own the hardware and rent the services from Blue Moutnain Internet. Currently only our SNetwork supports BYOD plans.
  3. How do I setup the device?  First install the software that is included on a CD in your rental package (less than 5 minutes). Complete instructions are provided. Second insert the device into your computer USB port. That’s it – you are ready to go!
  4. Is there technical support? Yes. we provide FREE technical support by chat, IM or over the phone, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM PST.
  5. How can I tell how much data I’ve used? The software will tell you how much data you use when you connect.
  6. Which computers and operating systems do the devices work with? The device works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS 10.4.8 or higher
  7.  Can I use the rented device outside the United States? No, the device is for use only in the United States.
  8.  Is Saturday delivery available? Yes, if the USPS delivers on Saturday in your area.
  9. How do I return the rental devices? BMI includes a pre-paid/pre-addressed return envelope along with the rental package. Please return both the CD and the device.
  10.  How far in advance should I place my order? Allow three days for USPS delivery at the lowest shipping rate possible.
  11.  Is there a cancellation fee? There is no cancellation fee. There is a $25 restocking fee if the device is returned without using it.
  12.  What payment options do you accept? We accept automated payment via debit or credit card only.
  13. What if I break or if I lose the device?  There is a $150 fee if the device is lost or broken. Insurance covers malfunctioning devices and their is a $50 co-pay for rental devices that are insured with BMI.
    Note: Insurance DOES NOT cover lost or stolen devices.
  14.  How exactly do you define unlimited? Our unlimited data product does not limit when or what you access. We do have an acceptable use policy that allows up to 30 Gigs in a one month period.
  15. Is Mobile Broadband good for video streaming? No, due to the data limitations Mobile Broadband is not a good choice for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube, or other streaming video services.

Blue Mountain Internet Mobile Broadband Wholesale – BMI has special pricing for resellers and affiliates.

  • Low commitment levels.
  • Bulk price discounts for accounts with 5 devices or more.
  • Wholesale options available
  • Affiliate programs pay spiffs for each successful signup you bring to BMI.
Please contact Ruben Bybee (  for information on wholesale or bulk accounts.

Blue Mountain Internet Mobile Broadband Rental Prices & Plans

Package Network Traffic Traffic Email AV Optimizer Best Price Monthly Quarterly
      Optimized Accts Licenses Software paying quarterly 3 months
VMBB-HalfGig 1 1/2Gb 1.5Gb 1 1 Yes $19.99/Mo $24.95 $59.97
VMBB-1GB 1 1Gb 3Gb 1 2 Yes $34.95/Mo $39.99 $104.85
VMBB-3GB 1 3Gb 9Gb 1 2 Yes $52.95/Mo $59.99 $158.85
VMBB-5GB 1 5Gb 15Gb 1 2 Yes $69.99/Mo $79.99 $209.97
VMBB-10GB 1 10Gb 30Gb 1 2 Yes $84.95/Mo $99.99 $254.85
VMBB-20GB 1 20Gb 60Gb 1 2 Yes $99.99/Mo $119.99 $299.97
Plan Details: Network 1 Overages are charged at a rate of $20/Gigabyte -regardless of plan. Hardware options available or you can bring your own device(BYOD). Traffic optimizer software is free for Windows & Macintosh. Optimizer does not compress video or already compressed files.