The original connection using good old fashioned copper phone lines.

Service and Hardware Requirements

Dialup Modem, Phone Line, Dial Tone

Operating Systems

Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Speed Ranges

14.4Kb to 53Kb. All digital modems.

Price Range

20Hrs/Mo – $10/Mo | Unlimited – $20/Mo | Free setup.

Nationwide Availability

Available in all 50 states and local to most cities.

Ordering and Setup

Order online or voice. Fast activation.

Free Month Promo

Use code “FREEDIAL” for 1 free month

Experienced ISP

Blue Mountain Internet has delivered Internet since 1995.

Technical Support

Email, Live Chat & Phone
24/7/365 Phone

Reliable Network

Fast networks, fully redundant.

Easy Billing Options

Month to month. Credit, Debit and Paypal.

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