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I just joined BMI & I am SO impressed! I’ve had to call several times in 2 days to bug them repeatedly & always received prompt friendly help

Susan G

Pueblo, CO

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I cant tell you how glad I am that I signed on with you. This is awesome. I am telling my brother about you who has a hard time getting internet service too.

Sandy B

Junction, IA

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Thank each and every one of your employees because what a terrific ISP all of you make! You are FABULOUS!!!

Meg A

Pateros, WA

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2 weeks ago
Google Translate: 'This landmark update is our biggest single leap in 10 years' | ZDNet

most excellent. el mas excelente. le plus excellent. allerbeste.

Google Translate should make far fewer errors thanks to Google's new neural machine-translation technology, which is now rolling out to eight languages.

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